Admission Policy

Admission Policy

Admission Policy

The college offers admission to all those interested candidates who have passed the required examination and are eligible for admission under the rules.

  • Admission will commence immediately after the declaration of the SSC result by the board.
  • The admissin form can be received from the college after ten days of the declaration of results till final date of board registration.
  • Admission liable to be cancelled if the students fail to pay his/her dues with in the prescribed time.
  • Dues once deposited are not refundable and not transferable.
  • Casual admission is not allowed in the college.
  • The candidate should submit their form complete in all respects along with the photocopies of the required documents.
  • Once a student has been accepted for admission into the college, it is taken for granted that all terms and conditions have been carefully read, understood and accepted by him and his parents/guardians.

Admission Procedure


  • Interview by the admission committee assess the candidates psychological orientation along with the following documents
  • SSC DMC (Verified from concerned board)
  • Inter Part I DMC( In Migration case for 2nd year, Verified form concerned board)
  • Migration Certificate
  • Clearance Certificate from concerned board (if SSC Passed before 2013/A)
  • SSC Provisional Certificate
  • Domicile Certificate
  • College Leaving Certificate (If student come from other college in 1st year or 2nd year)
  • Father NIC
  • Six Passport Size Recent Photograph


  • Students showing outstanding performance in SSC examination can enjoy free education at CAPITAL.
  • Students may be awarded Motor Bike, Laptops, shield and cash prize for showing extra ordinary performance. 

1. Punctuality & Leave

  • Students must be regular & punctual, must enter the class 5 minutes prior the bell.
  • 75% attendance is required to appear in the final Examination.
  • A fine of Rs.50/- per day will be imposed for absence without proper leave.
  • Short leave is not granted at any case.
  • Students will be struck off from the college roll on consecutive 6 days absent without proper permission. The struck off students will have to seek re-admission under the college rules.
  • Leave application must be recommended by the Principal.

2. Discipline

  • Students should be neatly dressed in the prescribed college uniform. Students must wear the College ID card during college hours.
  • A student found braking or damaging the college property, shall be penalized heavily.
  • Using cell phone during class lecture are strictly prohibited.
  • The following activities are strictly Prohibited in the college premises.
  • SmokingUse of drugsTaking SnuffBringing Fire Arms,
  • Sharp weapons,Video games,Camera etc.
  • No student is allowed to participate in politics, deliver irrelevant pamphlets or form any kind of  union.
  • The student will not be involved in any activity regarding theft and steeling in the college premises.

3. Academics

  • Students must appear  in Test, Quiz and two internal Examinations.
  • If any student found absent in test and examination, He/She will be fined and their form will not be considered for Final / Board examination.
  • Use of abusive language, misbehavior and fighting in the college is strictly prohibited. 

 4. Fee Deposit

 Student must clear the dues including Admission Fee, Annual Fund, Security, Tuition Fee and other Charges before Annual Examination.

  • Student must Clear Tuition Fee before 5th day of every Month, otherwise Fine Will Be Charged.
  • The College retains the right to revise the amount and fee structure without notice
  • Dues Once Paid will never be refundable, not transferable in any case. 

5- Hostel

Student must pay the hostel rent, security and food charges before hostel admission.
Student must obey all the rules and regulations of the hostel.
If a student found breaking, damaging the hostel property shall be penalized heavily.
In the hostel premises use of drugs bringing fire weapon, involving in Politics, or other illegal activities are prohibited,
Student must pay 12 months hostel rent and food charges before Annual Examination.
Student must clear hostel rent and food charges before 5th of every month, otherwise Fine will be charged.
Student must Inform the authorities before 25th day of the month by submitting written application for stopping food.

6- Migration Policy

Migration from CAPITAL Degree College to other institution
Students who want to migrate from CAPITAL Degree College to join some other college.
Must Apply to the Board on a prescribed migration form (Obtainable from the Board Office).
Clear all their dues/ fines before they have been issued NOC for migration

7- Discipline Change Policy

Student can change his discipline within 15 days after commencement of regular classes, without any charges.
If a student wants to change his discipline after 15 days of commencement of classes then Rs. 2000/- will be paid on account of discipline change fee.
Second time Discipline change is not allowed.
If a student wants to change his discipline then all the discount previously awarded will be cancelled.
If a student changed his discipline then he must follow the new discipline rules & fee structure.

8- Refund Policy

Admission fee paid by the student at the time of admission not be refundable, However the tuition fee refundable policy is as under:
If the student wants to cancel his admission he must submit cancellation application of 15 days before the commencement of classes then 100% tuition fee will be refunded.
If a student wants to cancel his admission then, the discount due to this good marks will be cancelled and refund will be on the original rates.
After  commencement of classes, NO REFUND is allowed.

9- Scholarship Policy

  • Scholarships will be valid for the applied session.
  • No application for scholarship will be entertained after due date.
  • Allocation of seats will be on the basis of quota reserved excellent marks.
  • Student must maintain the given scholarship percentage in 1st year, otherwise scholarship will be revised or cancelled in 2nd year.
  • The decision of the admission / Scholarship committee will be final and binding upon all.
  • Migration is not allowed for scholarship student (s), otherwise student must pay the whole one year charges which were given as a scholarship.
  • In case of leaving the college whatever the case/ reason may be his scholarship will be cancelled and he will pay the full year dues/ fee and other expenses.
  • The scholarship students will bound to show 100% attendance in college classes, coaching classes as well as in all workshops, if not then he/she will pay the fine.
  • The scholarship student will appear in internal test and exams otherwise he/ she will pay the fine 
  • The original documents of the student concerned will be kept in the college admission record till the declaration of 2nd year result.
  • The scholarship students are bound to obey all the rules including newly defined or amended rules / policy for them.  

10. Rules/eligibility For Board Examination 

A student will not be eligible to appear in the inter Board exam and will not be issued roll number slip for the board examination if found: Attendance less than 75% of the lectures delivered in each subject. Who remain s absent in February and March (during revision) his examination form would be retrieved from the board and will stand disqualified for the board examination. Attendance is less than 10 practical classes in each science subject. Obtains less than 50% aggregate marks in two exams i.e mid-term & final term. Fails to maintain 75% of attendance after the submissions of examination form to the board. In addition:
  • Has not cleared his dues and penalties (if any). 
  • Has provided incomplete or fake documents. 
Is older than 21 years. 
  • Is already appeared in the board examination (all over Pakistan).
  • Has failed to provide the migration certificate in case, he has passed his SSC/Part-I exam from other then BISEP. Will not provide college leaving certificate /verified DMC of SSC/Part-I, in case of migration. Group/subject will not change, after registration. Student cannot convert to pre-medical, if he/she failed in pre-Engineering or computer science part-I exams. While fail medical student can change their group into Engineering /Computer Science.