Tuck Shop

A variety of refreshment and eatables are available at college tuck shop at reasonable rates for the students.

Classrooms and Computer labs

All the classroom including six computing laboratories are facilitated with room coolers and the labs are equipped with headphone tutor for the first time in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa which may hardly be seen else where in any institute of its kind.


Libraries play a vital role in educational system.

It not only consolidates classroom knowledge but also gives the students an opportunity for developing insight and research oriented learning faculty members and students can borrow library material reference books and daily news papers for a period of time. A variety of subject and journal books are available in the library, along with invaluable books on Commerce, Management, Computer and other related disciplines.  

Computer Laboratory

Keeping in consideration the value and importance of computer literacy in this scientific age. college has already established computer laboratories, having modern multimedia computers, LED and latest projectors. 

Examination Hall

The very first but the most important of all the facilities which is very basic for the students that is examination hall, the CAPITAL Degree College has its own examination hall for students. It is quite enough to accommodate all its students where they feel very comfortable. Most of the colleges in our locality don’t have this facility for its students. Without an examination hall the institute is incomplete. 

Hostel Facility

CAPITAL Degree College has its own hostel for those students who are from far off areas like, Landikotal, Dir, Swat, Bunnir, Para Chenar, Hango, Kohat, Waziristan, Bajaur Mohmand Agency Charsadda, Mardan, Nowshera and other areas of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa, The CAPITAL College hostel is on walking distance from the main campus. the Hostel has enough rooms to accommodate all students and where the students feel home like environment.

Study/ Pleasure Trips

From time to time the demand of hours study tours and pleasure trips are arranged for eleminating fatige.

College Uniform

  • The college has its own proper uniform of summer and winter seasons for the students.
  • Students are instructed to wear full uniform.
  • Uniform should be clean, properly pressed and shoes should be well polished.
  • Any kind of jewelry/ belt buckles/ bracelets are prohibited in the college premises.
  • All the students are inspected at the college gate and are not allowed to enter the college premises without proper uniform.
  • Violator of the inform rules will be fined Rs.100 per day.


Silver Gray Trouser

  • Sky Blue Shirt
  • Silver Gray Tie
  • Grey V-Necked Sweater
  • Grey Coat
  • Gray Socks and Black Shoes

For F.Sc / D.Com / DBA/ BA / B.Sc / B.Com


  • White Shilwar Kameez
  • Grey V-Necked Sweater
  • Grey Coat
  • Gray Socks and Black Shoes